International Solutions is the best place to go when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. With our years of expertise, you will save money by partnering with a company that makes your business’s success our top priority. Why spend any more money hiring another full time employee, when you can contract your day-to-day operations with us? Let us simplify your schedule and take your business to new heights by delivering what you need to be successful in today’s online business world.

Meet Amy Farris:

Amy is an experienced project manager, office manager & business manager who assists businesses in achieving their goals through effective business support services. Amy is very familiar with maintaining standards while managing an increased workload within tight deadlines. Prior to establishing International Solutions, Amy spent over 15 years in various fields of expertise where she utilized offline secretarial, managerial, operations, inventory control, finance and administrative skills. Amy’s greatest strength is that she’s extremely passionate about her business and has strong work ethics. She believes wholeheartedly in personal accountability and will do everything in her power to meet and/or exceed your expectations. If you choose to partner with her company, she will go the extra mile to grow yours!