Client Love

For us, there is nothing better than a happy customer. And we have lots of them! Here are just a few that let us know how much we meant to them.

  Rennie Gabriel

It is such a pleasure to work with a professional like Amy. She held my hand through the whole process of creating a new client survey tool. I usually have so many projects at the same time that without her support and follow though, it would have never been completed. Thank you Amy. - Rennie Gabriel,

- Rennie Gabriel, CEO, The Financial Coach, Inc.

 Connie Pheiff

I have worked with Amy to streamline my business and improve customer engagement. As a business consultant, Amy’s work enabled me to better understand the needs of my clients. I would gladly recommend Amy’s services to content leaders looking to scale their business.

- Connie Pheiff, Chair & CEO Pheiff Group Founder, Women Who Dare Council

 Diane Fulcher

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I learned about Amy while mentoring a college student with marketing for his online business. He scheduled a call with Amy to potentially use her services and wanted me to listen in and I ended up hiring her to build a sales funnel! It has been a very positive experience so far! Funnel is complete and she is now working on a Facebook campaign for my funnel. Amy's follow through on the whole project has been superb. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead, but am confident it will be great! Thanks, Amy!

- Diane Fulcher, Health and Wealth Recruiter, Business & Wellness Coach

 Dr. Andrew Jones

I can't say enough good things about Amy Farris and How she has helped my online business grow in both sales and profit. She designed a specific ASK Method survey that gave me valuable information about clients on my email list who wanted to purchase a certain type of program immediately. I have had an internet business for over 10 years, and have NEVER seen the Results that have come from Amy's suggestions. I give her 5 STARS and highly suggest you get her on board to help your business GROW and PROFIT.

- Dr. Andrew Jones, CEO, The Internet Pet Vet

 Dr. Norman D. Stueckle

Amy Farris produced for me an excellent product to represent me very well. She asked the right questions to create a product that depicted the branding that I needed. She is creative, transparent, and had a great follow through with her commitments. I have known her to be nothing but honest, and knowledgeable in completing the project on time. I would highly recommend her to be able to produce the branding that would be beneficial to anyone.

- Dr.Norman D. Stueckle, CEO, Wenatchee Family Counseling Services

 Dr. Ronald H. Ullman

What I look for in a good consultant is attention to detail and the ability to get a job done within a particular set of time constraints. Amy was completely professional and all of the work was done in a timely manner. I was very pleased that all of our patient emails were able to be sent out in an efficient manner. She went above and beyond what most consultants are asked to do. She created a customized database by going through roughly 35 boxes and personally entering over 6,500 patient files into the system.

I knew she had a tough job ahead of her but she was up for the challenge. Amy delivered an impressive database along with a branding kit that included three different designs to promote my new location. I cannot even tell you something negative about her. The hardest part about working with her was choosing from the branding kits she created. Every design Amy created was exquisite. I trust Amy's consulting advice and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to market their business online.

- Ronald H.Ullman M.D. PLLC, Ophthalmologist, Cashmere Vision Center

 Linda Feinholz

"Working with Amy has been easy as silk. She's gone deep and detailed to help uncover a huge amount of insight about the market we're looking to approach. It's going to make each next step simple and straight forward as we develop our marketing to them.

- Linda Feinholz, Amazon Seller, CEO Feinholz Inc

Amanda Harrison

Working with a rock star VA! Where should I start working with Amy has not only helped me save time in my business. Amy has worked diligently to grow my LinkedIn network by 47% within three months! She creates "Amazing" customized "MEMES" for my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn platforms that I simply can't buy anywhere else. Amy knows exactly how to plan, structure, design & execute my entire Facebook Ads Campaign funnels so I can grow my email list. Each week she fills my calendar up with qualified leads that are happy to hear about my business. I highly recommend Amy for anyone looking to take their business to the next level! Amy is definitely a rock star VA!

- Amanda Harrison, CEO, Daily Virtual Assistant Services

Brad Russell

Amy is a fun, professional person. She’s always on time and ready to work. I can recommend her without reservation!

- Brad Russell, CEO, Columbia River Appraisals Ltd

Dan Maxwell

Amy is an exceptional professional with a deep heart for serving others. She puts her desire to help her clients above anything else. Working with her actually helped me realize that I can make a bigger impact on the world by taking a global approach to my business. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business because of all the many things you have to do, I recommend you connect with Amy and her team at International Solutions today.

- Dan Maxwell, Leadership, Strategic Management & Business Development Specialist

Greg Hixon

Amy Farris provided me with very professional assistance promoting my entrepreneurial blog. She helped me set up my email campaign to grow my list via LinkedIN. Also, writing the copy for my marketing message was made much easier after receiving suggestions and examples from Amy; and it was effective. I still use the general message she helped me develop. Thank you Amy!

- Greg Hixon, CEO,

Herb Palmer Jr

Working with Amy is an adventure of joy and wisdom, an embodiment of an intuitive dance and the flexible trailblazing of inspired improvisation. Her consulting advice took my video views from 0 to 500 hits on the first day and then over a 1,000+ hits on the second day! I only wish I would have listened to her six months ago. She always gives before asking and stands in true value.

- Herb Palmer Jr, Producer, The Film Pay Attention, success leaves clues.

Jim Morack

If you are looking for a high energy, positive, and insightful coach, please reach out to Amy! Her interactions are meaningful and purposeful, and in the coaching arena, those are critical to insuring success. I really don't think it is a job for her as she truly loves what she does, and it comes out in every exchange you have with her. Thank you Amy, for your guidance and support!

- Jim Morack, Coach, Author & Speaker

Kathy Tulley

I had an amazing coaching call with Amy. What an Awesome listener! She helped me get unstuck and gave me practical, easy to implement ways to drive leads to my business. She brought much needed clarity and direction to my goals. I have a plan now!

- Kathy Tulley, Life Coach, Author, Editor & Artist

Kit Carlson

It is incredibly hard to find someone who has developed talent in so many different areas. When I hired her, I didn’t realize just how many people I was getting for my money.Amy is able to create one-of-a kind Facebook graphics that include trending quotes for my business Facebook page. Each post receives an average reach of over 278 people and is customized with my business website so that every time it is shared I receive FREE Organic advertisement. Amy works within my budget and is a true asset to my company. I would highly recommend Amy for any business that is looking to expand their social media presence!

- Kit Carlson, CEO, Wetfly & Creative Angler

Loyd Smith

My personal experience with Amy is that she is very professional and thorough. She completes all tasks and meets my expectations time and time again. Amy did an exceptional job with the marketing for my election campaign when I was running for Mayor of Waterville! I highly recommend her services.

- Loyd Smith, WMA, President

William Dewayne Long

Fast, affordable, deadly accurate with her marketing campaigns—I cannot say enough about Amy. Within weeks of launching my new website my business has grown to the point of where I am expanding so fast that I need to invest in another dump trailer & hire additional employees. Thanks to her Google finally knows my business exists so I no longer have to stress about finding customers. We now have more work than we can handle. I highly recommend partnering with International Solutions for all of your marketing, consulting & virtual assistant needs.

- William Dewayne Long, CEO, Junk B Gone