Amy Farris - Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trying to stay connected with everything that's happening within your social media accounts can be a challenge for most people. Whether you're running a business and have several social profiles, or you like to stay connected with family and friends on a variety of social sites, being able to interact across multiple platforms can be time consuming, to say the least. is a website that helps you to interact across multiple channels far more easily - and efficiently.

The biggest challenge for a business owner is interacting with customers over multiple social networks. LinkedIn is one of the top websites for business owners, and contributing and responding to customer enquires is all about making timely replies. If a potential customer has a question or concern, and you can respond right away, you're more likely to retain them as a customer. If your business has a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account, you're spending time each and every day bouncing back and forth, trying to reply in a timely manner to your customers, clients, friends and/or followers. With Feedly, you get updates on all interactions on your profiles as they happen in an RSS feed. That feed gives you information as to what and where new content was posted, giving you the ability to respond instantaneously, should you wish.

In the past, RSS feeds were very bulky services that sent information to your email address about any potential updates. Feedly makes this process so much easier by doing all the work for you. The website will monitor various social profiles and pull all of that information and place it in one easy to read RSS feed. If you're blogging about current events and need to stay informed when major news happens, you can set your Feedly account to monitor certain news websites, other feeds, blogs in your niche, and even YouTube channels to be able to find information that happens in real time. You'll never have to worry about missing an update or late breaking news again.

Similar to the way a magazine is organized, Feedly offers users the ability to create their own feed that's laid out in a similar manner. You can have Feedly scour any websites you choose, then carefully organize the information that's found in a way that's personalized and simple to read. Even if you add a new account for Feedly to crawl, that information is formatted and placed in your account immediately in a way that makes it easier to read and understand than through a simple RSS feed.

Feedly now gives you the opportunity to curate all of your content across the Internet into one single, easy to read source. This way you'll never miss that late breaking announcement in one of your Facebook groups, or when your Twitter account has received enquiries. The Feedly application can also be downloaded to your mobile device so you have the ability to be notified of any updates as and when they happen.

Put simply, Feedly is a dream come true for business owners who want to interact with their customers quickly and keep their eye on the ball. You'll have a huge advantage over your competition when you're literally able to respond in minutes when a potential customer comments on one of your social platforms.

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