Amy Farris - Monday, August 10, 2015

Small businesses usually avoid producing amateur productions, because they can't spend thousands on marketing videos that need a script, actors and video equipment. Sole proprietors and entrepreneurs regularly find themselves having to be creative with their advertising budgets. Videos are an important marketing tool for small businesses, so they're missing out on an important segment of brand promotion. In most cases, their service or product could benefit from videos.

GoAnimate gives small businesses a way to create videos through animation. This is especially important for businesses who have a product or service customers might not understand. As a result, communicating with customers through visual media is essential to a business' success. GoAnimate is perfect for explanation videos, as well as, advertising products and services, product announcements and tutorials.


GoAnimate has thousands of animations, characters, charts, graphs and actions that will give the user powerful flexibility to create unique videos. Users can create powerful tutorials and visual demonstrations of their products and services.


Users can create videos with animated infographics for presentations and moving charts for detailing complex ideas and strategies. It's perfect for in-house meetings where a manager has to explain a detailed strategy to his or her team. It creates a visual explanation or tutorial that will be easy to follow with graphics while explaining complex ideas at the same time. This is obviously a great option for investor meetings too.


There are diverse characters for representing any audience within the video. The character actions are fun, and the user can choose from hundreds of them. When dealing with customers, the friendlier and more down-to-earth the video, the more the company will connect with the public.


These animations involve characters and the act of drawing, which can translate into movement and creation. Here it's simple to translate complex ideas into a concept that consumers will understand. It can also be used for business to business meetings and marketing.


It's really easy to sign up with a trial membership to GoAnimate. The trial membership is free and the user only needs a valid email address. There's no software to download. Every aspect of the design process is online using GoAnimate's software.
There are templates for dragging and dropping backgrounds, characters and props and users don't need any coding or drawing experience to make videos. There is an online tutorial to get users started making their first video.


The trial for GoAnimate is free and there are some limitations to the amount of characters, as well as, the length of videos that can be created.

GoPublish costs $39 a month or $299 for a year of service. It only allows one user with the plan though. With GoPublish, users can produce as many videos as they like. There are unlimited downloads and exports with this plan. Videos are available in 720P resolution.

GoPremium is $79 per month and $599 for a year. This plan is a step up from GoPublish and has all its features plus users can add clickable links and remove the GoAnimate watermark. Videos can be created in full high definition at 1080P.

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