Amy Farris - Saturday, October 25, 2014

Since the explosion in popularity of social networks, for instance sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, millions of Internet users are now updating their profiles/statuses on a regular basis in order to maintain their online presence and interact with their small communities. This represents a unique opportunity for business owners who wish to gain more exposure to the masses, as well as, reach highly targeted markets. By maintaining a strong online presence on a social media network, there lies a great opportunity for a company to gain an abundance of leads and customers. This is what's known as social media marketing or the process of utilizing social media to advertise a product or service.

The concept of social media marketing is simple, provide value to the audience and slip in an offer or two occasionally. This is what's known as the 80/20 rule or (80% value / 20% entertainment pitch or product/service) offer. Basically, you create posts or status updates about entertaining events related to your product or service in an attempt to spark the interest of your audience and gain exposure when they share an entertaining post you had with friends and/or family members. Then you occasionally create a post advertising your products and/or services. The 80/20 rule is the most effective system to implement in order to fully utilize social media networks. When it comes to creating posts that are entertaining, this in itself can be a time consuming process. You essentially have two choices, one is to go through the hassle of looking for entertaining videos, articles and current news related to your product, service or niche, while the other consists of utilizing a content curation system that will find relevant and entertaining content for you to use when applying the 80/20 rule.

Content curators engage in the tedious process of sifting through the vast amount of information available on the Internet with the aim of filtering out entertaining and relevant resources that relate to your target community. They choose the best content that's relevant to the organization in question and choose only the best sources that revolve around a particular topic that suits the company's niche. There are a wide variety of content curation systems available at your disposal, but there are a few that really stand out.


Regarding features, this content curator allows you to add numerous tweets to profiles, which you can then in turn utilize to drip feed status updates. They also allow you to share posts with up to 12 different social media profiles from within its online system. This allows you to drastically cut the time associated with manually posting to each of your various social media profiles.


Feedly is a news aggregator system that allows you to quickly sort through some of the most popular websites on the Internet in order for you to easily share popular news related articles to your audience on various social networks. They also have a recommendation category that will give you a list of recommended sources for you to share based on your targeted niche such as: technology, arts and crafts, entrepreneurship and marketing related news.


Swayy allows you to discover the most entertaining and engaging content on the Internet, solely based on your target audience's peak interest and level of perceived engagement. They also have an analytical system you can utilize to identify the most effective content available to grow your expanding community and a recommendation of relevant #hashtags and @handles you can use within your shares, to ensure you share your content more effectively than ever before.

When it comes to social media marketing, a content curation system is essential if you wish to maximize your profits through drastically cutting the time associated with manually searching for sources of content to provide to your audience - that's not only relevant, but truly engaging as well.

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