Amy Farris - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The problem most people have when it comes to promoting their own business or even their personal blog is time. There's simply not enough time in a day to scour the Internet in an attempt to find and post relevant news and other information on various websites and/or social media accounts. New and helpful sites such as and others certainly make it easier for an individual to schedule planned posts at the most appropriate time. While this technique gives the illusion of a regular Internet presence by producing activity on social media sites, it's not the most effective marketing tool available. A better alternative that has become increasingly popular these days is retaining the services of a top notch virtual assistant to conduct research while posting activities for you, on a regular basis.

Generally speaking, virtual assistants range from completely automated systems such as Web applications with advanced algorithms to actual administrative support personnel that have experience with Web content, social media and online marketing. Assigning content curation to a virtual assistant frees up time for other things, such as working, attending meetings and operating a successful business. The assistant accepts the responsibility for organizing information from various Internet sources and relaying the paraphrased content to the appropriate social media accounts and/or other websites. This process usually involves intuitive programs like those found in and which can actually help users sort and format information for posting. It's important to find relevant information for the prospective audience, and also make sure the information is suitable for viewing and comes from a respected source. Business owners and even personal bloggers must remember, whatever appears on their website is an indirect reflection of their values and beliefs. Even a minor blunder could mean a decline in viewers and/or customers and make a dent in the online reputation of the poster.

Along with posting relevant and useful information, a virtual assistant will also know when to post the material in order to reach the most viewers. is one of the more progressive tools online marketers use to schedule posts to appear at different hours throughout the day. Since the world is becoming smaller in a manner of speaking, due to the growing use of e-commerce, effective virtual assistants will ensure similar posts are made at the most critical points to cover every possible time zone. and other posting assistants are able to pre-sort information from many different sources by searching for given keywords or phrases. A virtual assistant may also depend on the ability of sites like, that allow them to add video feeds, photos and other attachments to posts which are scheduled to appear in the future. Viewers are often not willing to read more than a few sentences, but will almost always follow a link to a video or expand a photo and review the caption. Virtual assistants who are familiar with these tools can efficiently promote any person or business - and quite often, very cost-effectively too!

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