Amy Farris - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to get your work done between social media platforms? Or, do you ever wish you could receive better feedback on the effectiveness of your social media strategy? If so, you’re in luck. One of the Web's newest startups may be the answer to all of these desires and more. is a brand new solution for assisting you in your many social media endeavors. No more wishing you could streamline all of the many tasks on your social media to-do list.

Though Swayy is still in the beta stage as far as startups go, it has nevertheless been able to stun some critics with its helpful and original tools, all encompassed in an easy to use interface.

Swayy provides customizable options to suit a variety of different needs in its analytics department. When signing up for the service, users have the opportunity to choose topics relevant to them in order to get the most helpful analytics information. Swayy helps provide users with the best information on current trends on social networking sites. This content can then be instantly shared on a variety of social media interfaces.

Swayy currently targets three different social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, Swayy analyses your followers, likes, shares, and can tell you what type of content has been the most popular in the past. This bit of the website can help you plan your future social media strategy.

When your business is keeping your audience interested and your success rate depends on the like button on Facebook, any help you can get in the content department is much appreciated. Swayy works the same way for the three separate sites. It provides you with content that targets what audiences will be most receptive to by combining your three accounts in one place. Additionally, there is really no need to revert back to the original websites themselves as you can share directly from

Though there are a few slight glitches in the system, users should note the service is brand new and more extensive features are being added daily to increase users' ability to make use of the software by multitasking and providing analytics services.

Other awesome features provided by Swayy include suggested mentions and hashtags as well as the option to schedule a tweet for later. The suggested mentions and hashtags option utilizes technology that predicts what will increase audience reception, ensuring you produce popular content every time. The option to schedule a tweet or post for a particular time in the day has two main perks. First, it allows you to save time by getting all of your social media work done at one time. Second, it lets users optimally plan the release of shared content, making audience reception better.'s features are extremely useful for generating better content and improving the results of your social media campaigns while also minimizing the effort that's required to get good results. Once again, a huge bonus is that 3 of the Web's most popular social networking sites can all be accessed from within the interface.

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