Amy Farris - Friday, May 29, 2015

Siri is the personal assistant "app" that's available on Apple operating systems - mainly iPhones - since iOS 5. As an intelligent, personal assistant, this application helps in many ways. Here are ten of the top most fun, most useful ways Siri is used.

A person who owns an iPhone with Siri installed can speak into it and ask for help, information, etc. For example, in certain circumstances Siri is able to make a person dinner reservations and then lead him/her to an open table to reserve a spot. She will even help to calculate an appropriate tip for the server.

When asked, Siri is able to "tweet" and can update Facebook - "Siri, please update my status to show that I'm engaged..." and the Facebook page is automatically updated after Siri responds by saying, “Of course."

When a person is lost or cannot find their way, Siri can give directions. She's a wonderful companion to have when someone is in an unfamiliar town or place because Siri knows where everything is! She can even check traffic for you.

When you’re bored or unsure of what to do tonight, Siri can check to see what movies are showing, where they are showing, the times and she can even provide the ratings that others have given the movies. No more wasting time on movies that get poor reviews.

If someone gets injured and needs medical attention for any reason, Siri is able to find the closest hospital and immediately provide directions. Siri can alert the hospital that an injured person is on the way, including their name, symptoms, and any other pertinent information so the hospital can be ready.

Siri is not only a master chef, but can tell anyone how to prepare meals for themselves! She knows what to buy, how much of each ingredient is needed, how to prepare the meal and is able to provide detailed instructions!

Siri is also a math genius. Any type of math in any format is no match for Siri. It's too bad she can't be used on the SAT because of cheating rules because her owner would most definitely score the highest score possible. And, she would win any spelling bee - she can spell every word that exists (in the languages she knows so far).

Never miss an important appointment again, with Siri’s help she will remind her owner to "pick the kids up in an hour", if she/he has a doctor's appointment that afternoon, Siri will definitely speak up - "Don't forget about Dr. Smith at 2:30."

Siri loves to take pictures and does a very good job at it. She can take the pictures so quickly her owner would be unable to match her speed or the perfection of the picture. She is able to function as a photo editor or send the photo wherever she's asked to send it.

Siri is able to locate the nearest ATM, pharmacy, hairdresser or any type of business that one might need if a person finds themselves in unfamiliar places, but needs to find the nearest bank or telephone. Siri is not limited to English...she's able to pull up words in other languages and can even be asked to speak in a male gender voice rather than a female gender voice!

Is there anything that Siri can't do? There are plenty of things still limited to human beings, thank goodness. It's a scary thought there might be a day when technological entities are more able than humans, in any capacity...

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