Amy Farris - Friday, October 31, 2014

For centuries, business owners have had the tremendous responsibility of ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of their companies, and this can be an enormous task to say the least. From managing inventory and overseeing daily reports to employee management and more, it can be all too easy to find yourself working too many hours and compromising time spent with friends and loved ones. Fortunately, for the modern business owner, there is technology to help you manage your time and resources to get the most out of every minute, and Apple Inc.'s iOS offers you just that. Enter Siri - Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator that can help you make the most of every day.


As a business owner or manager, you wear many hats, and you likely have to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously as part of your job description. It’s difficult to achieve, but, Siri has a solution. With Siri, you're able to preset reminders to help keep you on schedule. With GPS technology, you can even have the reminders set based on your location. For example, you can say, "Siri, remind me to send the corporate email when I get back to work." When a reminder goes off to call Melissa in accounting, simply say, "Call Melissa." It doesn't get easier than that.


During the business day, your brain is fully engaged, and you likely come up with ingenious ideas when you least expect it. Unfortunately, you don't always have immediate access to a pen and paper, and it can be impossible to capture all of your great ideas when the time is convenient for you. As long as you have Siri at your side, you can take quick notes easily. Simply tell Siri to take note, and express your idea. Then at a convenient time you can sort through all of your notes at your leisure.


Time is money, and, as a business person, it's crucial that you spend yours wisely. Allocating too much time to a certain task or project takes away from others, and this can send you into a downward spiral in the success of your career. When you find yourself delving into a project, tell Siri, "Set timer for 30 minutes." It only takes two seconds, and you can rest assured you won't lose track of time.


The Internet has made the world of business quicker and more convenient than ever. In just seconds, you have access to nearly any information you could imagine. Siri can help you find this even faster and anytime it may become necessary. For example, if you're preparing for a meeting in the conference room and you need a quick statistic, but there's no computer nearby, just ask Siri. She will quickly provide you with the information you need. As a professional, it's important that you're able to rise above in order to succeed, and Siri is a tool that can help you achieve your goals.

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