Social media is a powerful platform for online networking. We can help you utilize your online real-estate by generating new clients, driving sales and monitoring traffic growth. Choosing a package that’s right for your business will set you apart from your competitors. We’ll impact your overall growth and provide you with online cutting edge systems that will show you the power of social media.


In order to determine our marketing efforts we need to effectively analyze your current social presence. The social hub allows us to review and make appropriate improvements as necessary to these areas so that we can draw an audience to your specific central engagement console.


The Incentive. It’s very important to have a “gift” or current offer for your potential audience. This can be an audio file, video, free download or consultation. The social hub package we offer are e-book services. This doesn’t include copywriting content. However, this can be quoted separately if you don’t’ have any content available that you could use to create a book. Once we have the content in a PDF format, we’d then create a 3D eBook cover design, video of a digital flip book version, email subscription box, auto responder and thank you redirect page.


It’s crucial to have a blog. Furthermore, if you have purchased our press release service or an increasing number of mentions on other websites we will add a news tab, so that these activities can be documented and marketed as well.


It’s important to have facilities where information can be shared. People will be able to share your primary domain, your eBook and interact with you directly.


It’s not enough to just have an e-mail address; you must have a contact form within your website or blog as part of your social presence. There are several other options available to you when you purchase our social hub packages. The aforementioned are nevertheless standard requirements clients have to have in place before marketing can begin. The subscribers who submit a contact form will automatically be added onto your subscriber list, and be redirected to a thank you page to download the eBook.


Three areas are handled within the standard social media account maintenance, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It will depend on the initial consultation we have with you in order to determine whether one or all of these are included. Other social accounts can be incorporated depending on your business and needs, such as audio, video or image marketing.

We have a dashboard where weekly activity reports are provided. This would usually cost $49 per month but is complimentary. Here we are able to curate content, analyze keywords, determine your market, social communities and industry trends to bolster results. This activity will be carried out between two to five days per week.

At first we shall determine what websites we can turn to in order to leverage your business reach. We share relevant, useful content that we find from people who are influencers in your niche. A special category will be added to our Feedly account for your needs, and this will be referred to whenever we’re working on your social media.

Apart from sharing content, we will provide you with a social CRM on a complimentary basis. The system usually costs $15 per month per user. This enables us to track your clients, leads, potential customers, connections and more. Records and detailed notes are kept in relation to the activities. The software also enables us to manage replies and personal messages through social accounts.

When building social accounts we use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to establish and build followers, connections and fans. Our initial consultation will determine whether we work on all of these accounts and/or other services. Sometimes other social accounts will be set up such as audio, video, or image marketing.

In order to determine you as an authority, to establish engagements and build credibility, it’s very important to work with social media.

This is how we approach the matter:

Twitter- We have been working with Twitter as it has refined its operations since 2009.

Facebook- One goal is to make sure that the Twitter audience visits your Facebook page.

LinkedIn- By getting more involved with groups we can drive traffic and increase connections.


This package includes everything from the Ongoing Social Media Maintenance Package, plus the following:


We create quality content that we can use through social media on a schedule. Weekly we'll produce a 100% unique blog post, and format these on your social hub or blog with an image.

Blog posts have to be optimized; meta data will be added, as well as images. When content has been created it will be distributed through a variety of channels.

The various social media accounts that you have, focusing on both new and old content on a daily basis.

Social bookmarking. We have a large network of connections over a variety of different social accounts. We process these manually on a daily basis through accounts including Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr. The network is growing every day.


We'll set the Meta data on each post, and social bookmark the post through the most popular social bookmarking sites. We'll then promote the post through our daily social media maintenance.


We submit press releases to online news outlets, through – This service is unique as it places the press release through a website network that’s highly trafficked and immediately indexable by the search engines. In addition, we send to aggregators including Bing News, Google News,, Ask and others. There’s a growing list of outlets serviced through RSS feeds. It’s a very effective service as submissions are readily available throughout the Internet. We'll then promote the post through our daily social media maintenance.

Taking Press a step further with HARO opportunities: We have a paid account with HARO Publicity Alerts from Vocus. We receive real-time media opportunities, straight from journalists on a deadline needing a source, and we actively look for possible media opportunities for you!


For any online business it’s very important to focus on e-mail marketing. We need to develop and build your audience and then put in place an e-mail marketing program to take advantage the attention. A monthly newsletter is a good place to start and we have a tested formula that we can establish and operate for you. Your social audience activity will be measured according to open rates, click through rates and the number of subscribers.

Please note that the newsletter will only begin after the first month to 2 months when we have enough subscribers to warrant the efforts, until then we'll allocate the budget to bringing in new subscribers, as many as possible.


You need to know the results you’re getting according to your investment. Every month we'll provide you with a comprehensive report on activity across the board. The weekly activity and statistics from Facebook and Twitter will show you activity from the prior week such as re-tweets, followers, @replies and favorites in Twitter. In your Facebook account you can look at comments, post likes, shares, and page likes. Both accounts will be analyzed for the number of clicks and posts.

We will provide a social traffic report for you on a monthly basis. This will be laid out in vivid colors and schematics, tables, charts and graphics. You’ll be able to see what percentage of traffic comes from social media marketing, how it compares to other traffic sources, which site is the best for you, the volume of traffic from the past month and more.

After we have sent a newsletter we’ll be able to analyze the efficiency of the campaign. You will be able to see the number of opens, unsubscribes, opt in recipients, bounces, clicks and other actions.