About Our Rates:


General administration and social media services covering a majority of our services. Amy will oversee all of your tasks and will be available for support and assistance.


Our design team offers more advanced VA services that require the use of technical software programs. Amy will oversee all of your tasks and will be available for support and assistance.

Amy will be working directly with you on your projects and assignments and she will personally oversee the work while delegating tasks to the team.

Hourly applicable rate x 2

When you need work done on a tight deadline, with accuracy and efficiency, our quick turnaround service guarantees the same quality, but super fast! You can make a significant savings on our express rate by subscribing to our V.I.P. Premier Support Package.


Package Rates:

We offer a 10% discount off any hourly package exceeding 20 hours (which can be applied anytime over a 6 month period).


We suggest you purchase a block of hours (minimum 5) in advance when you require tasks to be completed without a schedule. When purchasing a block of hours, those hours will be valid for six months from the date of purchase. While we strive to be available when you need us, purchasing a block of hours does not guarantee availability. To ensure we are available when you need us, please see our retainer options below.

* Please note, we’ll schedule tasks in the same day for V.I.P. Premier Clients, aiming for completion within 24-48 hours.


If you would like to guarantee our availability for your daily, weekly or monthly administrative support, we can provide you with a retainer service where we will allocate a fixed number of hours each month to you. We will invoice you in advance each month for an agreed amount of hours.

Any hours which are worked over the monthly retainer will be added to the following month’s invoice, and any hours that haven’t been used, will be deducted from the following month’s invoice. Invoices for retainer packages are issued on the date of each month from the day services began.

* Please note, retainer clients will have their work checked daily, and will often have any new tasks completed the same or the next day.


Amy offers a “free” no obligation consultation to discuss services and systems that can be customized to your specific business. Estimates will be broken down, itemized and presented for your approval.

For estimates under $1680 the amount will be invoiced and billed in advance, in full.

For estimates exceeding $1680 a 50% deposit is required to begin, and then 50% will be due upon completion.

If you have any questions regarding our billing, please don’t hesitate to contact Amy.